Connecting with Students During the Tour

Day of the Tour

  • Appoint someone to greet students.
  • Appoint someone to take pictures before, during and after the tour.
  • Keep the groups small enough for students/teachers to hear tour guide.
  • At beginning of tour, begin with background information on the company, the history, and share any “wow” type of marketing materials.
  • Share company “swag” if appropriate and available.
  • Encourage each tour guide to share own personal story and career journey.
  • Think about company “lingo” ensuring tour guides keep the language general enough such that students/teachers will understand.
  • Ask students who would be interested in learning more and collect their contact information if necessary.

What you need to know from the school to plan the tour

  1. What are the student learning objective?
  2. How many students will participate?
  3. What is the grade levels of students?
  4. What is their content level?
  5. What do they want to learn after?
  6. Do you have suggestions for hands on activities? (Teachers are the experts in this and don't be afraid to ask for ideas)

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