Planning an Engaging Tour

Setting up a Company Tour

  • Appoint a key contact at your company to coordinate logistics and communications within the company as well to the teacher/students.
  • Communicate the tour date and length of tour to employees.
  • Coordinate with school/students key elements they want to learn, (is there a focus on math, engineering, etc).
  • Prior to event day, communicate appropriate information to the school/students
    • Use these questions when communicating with the educator
    • Proper Dress attire (closed-toe shoes, professional dress or business casual, etc.)
    • Location, map and entrance location including a resource name and phone number for help day of event.
    • Requirements for entry (drivers license, ID, or confidentiality agreement, etc.)
  • Determine staff to assist with tour and consider diversity (occupations, ages, ethnicity, gender, languages spoken) of staff in arranging groups. Who are your best representatives of your company and industry and can engage students?
  • Brainstorm ways to include hands-on activities for students to engage with the tour and tour guide.

Organizing the Company Tour

  • Complete administrative logistics, such as reserve rooms, create name badges, plan tour route and talking points.
  • Know your audience. How much do they already know about the subject matter? Are they trying to enhance subject content from school? Are they gaining exposure to careers?
  • Showcase a few success stories of people at your organization and explain appropriate education paths for certain careers.
  • Consider hosting a meeting with company volunteers to talk about messaging and what to expect when working with high school and middle school students.Talk about typical questions a student might ask or what does one do if they seem uninterested?
  • Consider ways to leverage Inspire during the tour. Can you showcase the company profile to students?  Could you showcase the different type of career experience opportunities for students after the tour? Encourage students to “save” your company profile.
  • Take advantage of the schools as a resource for ideas of hands-on activities

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