Connect with Students During a Guest Speaking Engagement

Things to include in a presentation

  1. Below is a list of items that should be included somewhere in your presentation:

    1. Reflect on your career path. How did you get to the career you are in?  What previous careers/experiences did you have that were valuable? In hindsight, would you change anything? Share your personal story, this will engage students.
    2. What types of traits or qualities do people in your career have?
    3. What are similar careers to your field? What future career trends do you see with your career?
    4. Who do you integrate and collaborate with in your company?
    5. What educational paths do you recommend?
      1. How long will I have to go to school?
      2. What kind of work experience would I need to have this career?
      3. Volunteer experience?
    6. Share the positive and challenging aspects of your career?
    7. Who influenced you and do you have a mentor now?
    8. What’s the salary potential for this career?
    9. Share ideas about how students can gain career experience in the field right now.