Planning an Engaging Guest Speaker

Pre-Guest Speaking

If you are invited to present as a guest speaker in a classroom, please find out the following information to make your presentation appropriate and relevant to the students.  This will help you to prepare your presentation for the group.

  1. What is the class or subject matter they are currently learning in class. What grade level are the students?
  2. Why are you inviting me to serve as a guest speaker?
  3. What do the students want to know?
  4. How much do they already know?
  5. Is this a company presentation or specific to a career?
  6. Have they had any other speakers on this career or company?
  7. How long will I have to present and how many students will be at the presentation.
  8. Did you make the request through your Inspire Portal?  Often times, teachers will reach out to company contacts directly, which can lengthen the process to coordinate.  Using the Inspire platform helps:
    • Helps company coordinate internally and find the right employee to host.
    • Company comes prepared for presentation and can provide the experience that the students are looking to have.
    • Scheduling will be faster, less back and forth with company contact.