Hiring a Candidate

Phase 1: Recruiting

Companies play an important role in recruiting for co-op positions. Utilize interactions with students such as classroom speaking engagements or job shadows to promote the co-op positions within your company. Share the opportunity with your employees as well, many of them may be parents!

Participate in classroom or school visits to target smaller groups of students to explain the program and go into greater detail about the positions. These visits are especially successful when representatives from the businesses accompany the co-op coordinator.

Participate in parent education. Parent information nights are required for applicants and a guardian. Families are presented with an overview of the program and given time to ask questions. At the conclusion of the presentation, families are encouraged to meet and talk with company representatives to have a better idea of individual co-op positions.

Phase 2: Accepting Applications

Having students apply to the program allows you to gather information about a candidate and make a selection that you feel will be a good fit within your company. The co-op coordinator should set deadlines for application dates and collect all application materials.

Some considerations for application materials are:

  • A digital application form
  • Transcript and attendance records
  • Teacher recommendation forms
  • Required attendance at an information night that includes parents

Phase 3: Student Selection

Once the application materials have been collected by the co-op coordinator, companies should receive the complete file on each applicant. You may want to create a grading or ranking system to evaluate the applications. Review your co-op curriculum to determine what you are looking for in a candidate. Rank your candidates by preference in preparation for the selection process. The co-op coordinator will determine how selections will be made. One suggestion is to host a “draft night” where companies come together to select their candidates with other participating companies. The choosing order should be randomly assigned, following this order will eliminate conflicts over candidates that applied to more than one company.

Phase 4: Make a Placement

Companies will have a limited window after selections are made to contact, interview and extend an offer to students. During this time they can secure paperwork and drug screening to begin co-ops at the beginning of the upcoming quarter.