Planning an Engaging Job Shadow

As a member of INSPIRE make the activity available for students to select on the INSPIRE website. Your company main contact is the person that controls this feature on the website. You can customize student age range, travel restrictions, and/or time frames that work best for your company’s needs.

When developing a company’s job shadow agenda, here are some suggestions:

  • Designate a lead contact person for your company. Employees will be more likely to get involved if there is a ‘go-to’ person who can answer their questions and help them prepare for the job shadow.
  • Identify the frequency and timing your company will offer dates to students. Set a schedule when these events will occur. This will streamline the communications and help employees and students plan and facilitate scheduling.
  • Schedule a quick pre-event time with employees who will host a student to ensure expectations are understood and questions addressed.
  • Communicate company-wide the date and times when events will occur. No one likes surprises in the workplace plus it enhances the communication and awareness with staff.

How to prepare your staff to host a student, understand the Expectations of Employees:

  • As a job shadow host, complete your regular daily work while talking about it with the student.
  • Help the student understand how your role fits into the company by visiting other departments and describing how you work with other employees.