Suggested Activities for a Teacher Externship

Begin by taking a tour of the facilities and departments. Visit a variety of departments and functions within the company to obtain a full view of the opportunities available. 

Receive an orientation to the “human resources” department/functions:  

  • application materials  
  • job listings  
  • working conditions and benefits (hours, flexibility, vacation/leave opportunities, pension/profit-sharing plans, other incentives)  
  • summer hire programs
  • sample resumes
  • salary ranges for various positions  
  • performance review processes and tools

Allow externs to meet with the different areas in your company.  The meetings could be used as an informational interview to see how careers come to life at your company.  A full listing of questions to be shared can be found here.

Topics to cover include:  

  • the variety of occupations and positions in your industry, company, and department
  • educational and skill requirements for your position and others in your department  
  • the career path you took to your position  
  • “a day in the life of a…”  
  • common and more unusual problems and challenges  
  • quality and performance standards and measurement  
  • “what I like most and least about working in this industry”  
  • current and future skill needs  
  • short- and long-term industry trends

Obtain materials that help shed light on the company and industry

  • organization chart  
  • annual report  
  • brochures  
  • sample products: reports, presentation materials, film clips, photographs

Have externs observe:  

  • meetings  
  • informal “coffee talk”  
  • presentations  
  • interviews
  • screenings
  • lunch time/breaks

Don't forget the importance of...

You can also have the educator work in a given position for a designated period of time under the supervision of someone who can provide orientation and training in that job.