What is an educator externship

The intent of educator externships is to provide educators opportunities to participate in business and/or industry thereby form connections between what they are teaching and industry skills needed for successful employment of future employees.

The externship is an opportunity to connect education curriculum with what is current in the workplace and to clarify for teachers the vast number of options available to students. Most teachers begin teaching upon graduation from college. Therefore learning about the variety of careers in your business and educational routes to get there is critical for them to stay connected and up-to-date with other careers.

Teachers involved in an externship get the opportunity to practice or observe current technology, view all the possibilities within a diverse range of career fields, and learn what new skills, knowledge, and further education are necessary for the careers in the academic areas in which they teach.

Benefits to Teachers

Teachers will learn:

  • knowledge and skills needed for the future workforce in a particular industry
  • industry trends, needs, and opportunities
  • workplace needs which will connect to student learning.

Teachers will benefit:

  • by increased awareness of real-world connections between their subject area and what they observe in industry
  • with opportunities to reflect on their practice
  • by connecting with community professionals

Benefits to Industry

Industry partners will benefit:

  • From increased teacher awareness of industry/workforce needs in hopes of building a future workforce
  • by increasing interactions with community members and building brand awareness
  • through increased awareness of K-12 partnership opportunities
  • through ongoing connection between industry and education
  • by a mutual sharing of perspectives