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Utilizing Inspire

As stated earlier, this platform is meant to be a long-term solution to building your pipeline. Think about how you can continue to build on activities offered to keep the students engaged in your company. Always link from one activity to the next via the Inspire platform. You can see how this path is demonstrated below. 

  1. Start by receiving a guest speaking request by a classroom teacher
  2. After completion of presentation determine what students are interested in learning more.  Those that are interested, invite them to participate in a job shadow or career experience at your company.
  3. After completion of job shadow, talk to the student about their next step, which could be a Youth Apprenticeship, Youth Co-op, or internship
  4. Towards the end of their work experience, discuss with them the other opportunities you may have, such as full-time work or summer employment.  You can certainly use tuition reimbursement as an incentive to have them continue employment.

One of these activities ends with a direction towards the next step. When actively building your pipeline, a company needs to guide the student towards their next logical step. Don’t assume that the student will know what to do! Help them understand their possible pathways.

How to Become a Member

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