“I must say that Inspire and the schools do a really good job in preparing these students that they come in not only understanding the technical aspects of what they might be asked to do but they do a really good job of preparing them on how to be a good employee like showing up on time and doing what you say you’re going to do. We have found that most students come in and are ready and some of them are hungry to learn and work.” 
Erin Kramer, Human Resource Business Partner at Curt Joa Inc.

Making INSPIRE Work for You

All companies that join Inspire will have the following:
  • Company profile that links careers, current job openings and career coaches.
  • An interactive listing of activities that your company can partner with schools and students.
  • The option for your employees to serve as web-based career mentors and interact with students via career discussion boards
  • A communication platform to connect directly to students based on location, grade, and/or careers of interest.
What are Career Discussion Boards?

Career Coach Message Boards level the playing field for students by enabling them, regardless of socioeconomic background, to connect with real people for career advice and encouragement. Students can better understand occupations by connecting with Career Coaches—real working people interested in helping students learn about their occupations.

How does the Communication System Work?

One of the best reasons to use Inspire is the messaging system.  In the past if you had a message to share with students you likely asked a counselor or teacher to pass the message along, with the hope that it would reach your intended audience.  Inspire allows you to bypass the teachers/counselors and share your message directly with students. Students use the career planning software as a way to bookmark and save careers and companies of interest to them.  As a company you can communicate directly to students who share your career interests. In fact you can send messages customized directly to students filtering by grade, location, careers saved, career clusters saved, and/or by gender.  Just like you can target messages on social media and on the web, you can target your messages here too. This makes the communication relevant to the students and helps you connect to your target audience.

We recommend using the messaging system to share information on the following categories:

  1. Scholarships
  2. Job Postings
  3. Recruiting events or tour dates
  4. Special events